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This is how you whip your team into shape for more sales!

Increase sales in your catering business with the Möbius method by using a competent, powerful,
highly motivated team -even if it consists of lateral entrants or beginners.

Andreas Möbius

Andreas Möbius

Gastronomy coach and developer of the Möbius method

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As a hospitality coach, my focus is on helping you create an unforgettable experience for your guests. It's not just about excellent cuisine and an appealing atmosphere, but above all about professional and cordial care for the guest.

Together we develop strategies to optimize your service, train your employees and simplify processes. We rely on a practice-oriented approach and I will give you valuable tips and tricks to inspire your guests.

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This also includes how to deal with complaints and difficult situations. Because a satisfied guest is not only the best advertising medium, but also the basis for the success of your business. Together we develop strategies to solve difficult situations in a professional and customer-oriented manner.

As a gastronomy coach, I offer you both individual coaching and group seminars and workshops. I respond individually to your needs and goals and help you to motivate and train your employees. We work together on your success so that your guests have an unforgettable experience with you and are happy to come back.

Would you like to find out more about my work as a gastronomy coach or book a coaching directly? Feel free to contact me - I look forward to getting to know you and working with you on your success!

The topic of further education in the field of gastronomy is of great importance and can be of particular importance for personal growth and professional success. In Germany there are a variety of opportunities for further education and to improve one's skills and knowledge.
Would you like to achieve and develop your personal and professional goals in the hospitality industry?...
Would you like to achieve and develop your personal and professional goals in the hospitality industry? Then you are exactly right here! My individual and small group coaching offers you the perfect opportunity to address your individual needs and work on your goals.

With my professional support, you will recognize your strengths and learn how to best use them. I will help you identify your challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. My coaching is tailored to your needs so you can get the best out of yourself and drive your personal and professional development.

I bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of helping people achieve their goals. I believe that every person is unique and my coaching methods are individually tailored to you in order to offer you the greatest possible benefit.

Whether you want to work on your career or overcome personal challenges, my individual and small group coaching is the perfect choice for you. Contact me today for more information and to start your personal journey to self-improvement.
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One of the top reasons hospitality education is so important is that the industry is constantly changing. New trends and developments can spread quickly and it is important for restaurateurs to stay up to date in order to offer their customers the best possible experience. Regular training can help restaurateurs stay up to date and adapt to new trends.

In addition, further training can also help restaurateurs to improve their skills and specialize in certain areas. This can lead to greater efficiencies and help them better serve their customers' needs.

Another important component of further training in the gastronomy sector is the promotion of innovations and creative ideas. By participating in training courses and workshops, restaurateurs can gain new inspiration and ideas that they can implement in their own business. This can help them differentiate themselves from their competitors and strengthen their brand.

It is also important to note that continuing education in the hospitality field can also be of great importance for personal growth and professional development. By attending continuing education, restaurateurs can learn new skills, expand their network, and advance their careers.

As an experienced gastronomy coach and consultant in the field of hospitality, I am at your side with extensive know-how to take your restaurant, hotel or other gastronomic facility to the next level. My goal is to support you in optimizing your operations and increasing your efficiency so that you can offer excellent hospitality.

As a hospitality consultant, I'll help you train and coach your staff to give them the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a superior experience for your guests. Together we will review and optimize your processes and structures to ensure that you exceed your guests' expectations.

In addition, I support you in creating an appealing atmosphere that will inspire your guests. As a hospitality consultant, I can help you develop a concept that strengthens your brand and creates a distinctive brand experience.

Through my many years of experience as a hospitality coach and consultant, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you improve your business processes and increase your sales. Contact me today to learn more about my food service consulting and hospitality services. Together we will achieve your goals.

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With an effective plan on the fastest way to the perfect team for more sales

Who are my gastronomic courses suitable for?

  • For restaurateurs who want to ensure that every employee is technically competent
  • For restaurateurs who want to successfully integrate returnees and lateral entrants into their team as quickly as possible
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I always fill my coaching sessions, training courses and seminars with practical content. As a board member on the optional advisory board of the German Etiquette Society, I am involved in updating the applicable business etiquette. This allows me to keep the mediated content up to date.

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